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Extract from the book

In principle, it is quite 
simple for a crew to get 
socially. All it takes 
is politeness, tolerance, 
and the ability
to put 
aside one’s own needs 
and wishes. Qualities
that lead straight to a homogeneous crew. 
But it is easier
than done.








© Martin Kristensen / PhotoGen.dk Havhingsten - en rejse for sejl til Irland

About the book

Photographer and sailor, Martin Kristensen, was on board The Sea Stallion on its fantastic cruise to Dublin during the summer of 2007. 

He documented life on board with his camera. The Sea Stallion, which is a reconstruction of the world’s largest viking war ship, sailed this year heavily favoured by the media from Roskilde to Dublin. 

A journey of more than 1000 nautical mile in an open boat on the open sea.

As a member of the crew, Martin Kristensen has followed and photographed The Sea Stallion. The outcome is pictures of the preparations, the training cruise to Norway, and then of course the very highlight: The cruise to Dublin.

"A journey by sail to Ireland The Sea Stallion From Glendalough" covers 60 pages. 
Each picture is accompanied by a factual text that tells the story of the cruise with the world’s largest viking war ship. From the early preparations to the life on board the ship on the cruise itself.


English edition ISBN: 978-87-992195-1-3
Danish edition ISBN: 978-87-992195-0-6

Photographer and author: Martin Kristensen
Pages: 60 including illustrations 
Format: 20,5 x 20,5 cm
Binding: Paperback 
Publisher: Nautical Publishers (Denmark)


Fotograf: Patrick Holbek / Fjordbyerne Martin Kristensen ved Havhingsten i Roskilde lige inden afsejlingen
Martin Kristensen
Photographer: Patrick Holbek / Fjordbyerne


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